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graphic Woman smiling holding credit union credit card

Credit Cards

Low rates and great rewards!

Credit Cards

VISA® Credit Cards

Benefits Include:

  • No annual fee
  • No summer payments required
  • Low monthly minimum payment (1.5% of your balance or $25, whichever is greater)
  • Automatic enrollment in our EdFed Rewards program — earn 1 point for every $1 spent using your credit card
  • Generous credit lines
  • No cash advance fees
  • Same low interest rate for both cash advances and purchases*
  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs available worldwide
  • Balance transfers to consolidate your debt from higher-rate credit cards
  • Smart-chip technology for added security
  • Real-time fraud monitoring to alert you to unusual activity 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Visa's Zero Liability Policy means you are not responsible for fraudulent purchases made with your card
  • Visa's Account Updater service
VISA<sup>®</sup> Classic Card

VISA® Classic Card

Destroy those higher interest rate credit cards and acquire a Credit Union no annual service fee credit card with all the benefits.

VISA<sup>®</sup> Platinum Card

VISA® Platinum Card

Need access to a higher credit line? Then, the Platinum card is the right choice for you.

VISA<sup>®</sup> Secured Card

VISA® Secured Card

The perfect fit for those wishing to establish or rebuild their credit. Secure your limit against your savings account with all the benefits you need.

VISA® Account Updater

VISA® Account Updater service provides you with an easier transition when your EdFed Visa® Debit Card or Credit Card expires or is replaced. In partnership with EdFed, Visa automatically provides your new card number and/or expiration date to participating merchants who have stored your card number for recurring and automatic payments. Although not all merchants participate in Visa Account Updater, this secure service helps you avoid declined payments and unexpected service interruptions when your card information changes.

All EdFed cardholders are automatically enrolled in Visa® Account Updater. You can opt out of this service by contacting our Card Services department.

VISA® Checkout

Do you love to shop online but hate the headaches when it's time to pay? Then Visa Checkout, Visa's new digital payment service, can help you through the purchasing process. You can use it anywhere Visa Checkout is accepted and avoid entering your card and shipping details every time. All you need is your VISA® Checkout login to pay!