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Fraud Alert: EdFed or our Card Fraud Center will never contact you for your password or username.  We will not ask you to change your password to one that we provide. Our agents will never ask you for your one-time authorization code received through text.  If you have been contacted, please call us at 1-855-233-3338.

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Get lower payments and

$100 Cash Back1
when you refinance with EdFed

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Save Money and Get Up to

$750 Cash Back1 with an EdFed Home Equity Loan

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Brighten Up Your Wallet with the EdFed Rewards Visa Credit Card

Get the credit card that has a great rate, earns points, AND has no annual fee!4

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EdFed is Awarding 10 Graduate School Scholarships

The deadline to apply is Friday, October 27, 2023.

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Simplify your financial life and go paperless with EdFed.

Keep your finances and information secured and enjoy the benefits of managing all of your transactions at your fingertips.

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Deposit a check with just a snapshot!

With EdFed 24/SEVEN there is no need to walk into a branch or locate an ATM.

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