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Enjoy Rates as Low as 4.95% with an APR as Low as 6.269%1 on EdFed's 5/1 ARM

Score Big Savings When You Buy or Refinance Your Home with EdFed

Are you looking to lower your existing mortgage payment or increase your buying power to purchase a new home? EdFed's Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) may be the right solution to make your home ownership dreams a reality.

EdFed's 5/1 ARM offers home purchase and refinancing options with rates as low as 4.95% and an APR as low as 6.269%.1

The benefits of the 5/1 ARM include:

  • Fixed low monthly rate for the first five years
  • Lower interest vs. a 30-year fixed mortgage2
  • Additional savings of up to $1,000 cash back!3

Let EdFed help you get started today!

Call us at 305-270-5256 or apply here.

Must be member's primary residence located in Florida and owner-occupied. No portion of the home can be under construction. Eligibility for the lowest rate and loan approval is based on creditworthiness, ability to repay, credit score and repayment period.

1 APR includes a simple annual interest rate of 4.95%, based on purchase of a single-family, primary residence, in FL. This rate assumes a credit score of 740, Loan amount of $330,000, with a Principal and Interest payment of $1,761.00 and an LTV/CLTV of 60%. The APR of 6.269% includes 0.000% in discount points. Your interest rate will not change for the first 60 month(s) of your loan. After the first 60 month(s) of your loan the adjustable interest rate you will pay may change; it will then change every 12 month(s) thereafter. On the first Change Date, your interest rate cannot increase or decrease more than 2.000%. Thereafter, your adjustable interest rate will never be increased or decreased on any single Change Date by more than 2.000%. Over the term of the loan, your interest rate cannot increase or decrease more than 5.000%. Terms, programs, and availability are subject to change without notice.

2 30-Year fixed mortgage based on 360 payments paid monthly (example: $250,000 loan with $10,000 down payment with APR of 6.733% [6% annual interest] equals $1,439 in monthly payments*). A 15-year fixed mortgage based on 180 payments paid monthly (example: $250,000 loan with $10,000 down payment with APR of 6.085% [5.5% annual interest] equals $1,961 in monthly payments*). *Payments may be higher based on inclusion of Private Mortgage Insurance, Taxes, and Insurance Premiums (as applicable).

3 All loans are subject to credit approval and are granted based on individual creditworthiness, ability to repay and credit score. Borrowers will receive a rebate of 0.25% of the loan amount financed on the following qualifying loan types: New Mortgage Purchase and First Mortgage Refinance. Conventional home loan programs are available up to $766,550 and Jumbo Loan programs are available up to $2,000,000. If you are financing a condominium or obtaining a Jumbo Loan, certain restrictions apply. The minimum loan amount to qualify for this offer is $50,000. The maximum rebate amount is $1,000 per loan transaction. Rebate will be credited at loan closing. Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts. Per IRS regulations, rebates of $600 or more may be reportable as miscellaneous income on form 1099-MISC.