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Youth Programs

Our future leaders begin as smart savers!

Youth Programs

For any of the programs listed below, please contact our Community Relations Specialist at

Career Development Fairs

Having a Career Day in your school? We can be there to provide information to the students about different career opportunities within the Credit Union and help them prepare for their futures.

Got Green?

"Got Green?" is a free educational service initiated by EdFed in 2007, and was developed to teach the importance of responsible credit management, budgeting and savings/checking accounts. The program includes workshops on Money Management, Building and Maintaining Good Credit, The True Cost of a College Education, Identity Theft, Budgeting and Financial Planning, and Investing.

Mad City Money

Mad City Money is a 2.5 hour simulation for high-school students. Each participant receives an "about me" sheet that contains: an occupation and salary, student loan debt owed, credit card debt owed, and cost of medical insurance. Some participants will have a spouse, some will be single, and some will be single parents.

Participants build a monthly budget based on their incomes. They visit nine merchants in Mad City to purchase housing, transportation, food, day care, and other needs. There's a mall for wants and, of course, a credit union for financial services. The Fickle Finger of Fate randomly visits each student with a "Life Happens" card for unexpected windfalls.

5000 Role Models of Excellence

The 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project was founded by former Miami-Dade County School Board Member, Dr. Frederica S. Wilson. Realizing an ongoing crisis in the lives of many young males, the project's mission is to intervene in the lives of at-risk boys, in order to provide them with alternatives that will lead them away from a life of crime and violence. EdFed partnered with the 5000 Role Models of Excellence in 2007. Since then, EdFed has provided financial literacy workshops to their entire high school membership.

Internship Program

Every Summer since 2007, EdFed has opened its doors and given a select number of students the opportunity to intern at one of its branches. The internship program is posted early in the year and students are selected around May of the same year.

The internship program lasts five weeks, but the experience provides students with a skill set that they will use throughout their lives. Interns are taught business etiquette, they develop a healthy work ethic and they learn that punctuality is integral to succeeding. Though it is not always easy, interns grow through this experience and become responsible individuals who know how to conduct themselves in a professional environment.