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Bill Pay FAQ

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Bill Pay FAQ

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Bill Pay is a safe and convenient way of paying your bills. Bill Pay allows you to pay virtually anyone or any company through your Online Banking account. You determine who you want to pay, when you want to make the payment, and which account you want the payment to come from.

You must have Online Banking and a Checking Account in order to use our Bill Pay service. If you have these services already and would like to add Bill Pay, simply login to Online Banking and select the "Bill Pay" tab on the menu.

Members who want to sign up for Bill Pay, but do not have access to Online Banking and a Checking Account, must first visit their nearest branch to apply for these services.

  • You can get assistance from Bill Pay by calling 1-877-859-0408 from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. (Eastern Time), Monday–Friday.
  • You may send a secure message directly to Bill Pay once you have logged in to the site.
  • You may also chat with a live agent while logged in to the site Monday–Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. (Eastern Time).

You may demo Bill Pay by clicking here.

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Bill payments are made either electronically or with a check sent by mail. You may virtually pay anyone at any time except for government service charges (ex. property taxes, traffic tickets, child support, etc.) through Bill Pay. Please allow the appropriate time required for processing payments. Payments made on a holiday or weekend, are not processed until the following business day. Payments are sent at 3 p.m. every business day. Therefore, changes to a bill payment need to be made before this time.

  • Electronic Payments—Funds are withdrawn two business days before the "Deliver by Date". When a payment is submitted after 3 p.m., the earliest it can be sent is the next business day.
  • Non-electronic Payments —Checks will be mailed 5 days prior to the "Deliver By Date", but funds will not be withdrawn from your account until the payee has processed your payment.

Yes. With e-bills, you authorize your payee to send your bill information directly to your Bill Pay account. This will allow you to view your bill directly, know how much is due and know your payment due date.

Please call our Member Contact Center.

You may virtually pay anyone at anytime except for government service charges (ex. property taxes, traffic tickets, child support, etc.) through Bill Pay.

Available funds are automatically transferred from your Prime Savings to cover items presented to your Checking Account, if the funds in your Checking Account at the time of clearing are insufficient. You may also elect to setup Overdraft Protection Transfers from a Special Share, Money Market Account or Personal Line of Credit. However, in accordance with Federal Regulations, there are set limitations on these services. If your Overdraft Protection Transfers have been exhausted and your account is enrolled in Courtesy Pay, your overdrafts will be covered up to your approved limit, minus any assessed service fees. Find out how automatic payments are processed.

Once you are logged into Online Banking, click on the Bill Pay tab in the menu. Next, select Payments and then, under History on the right side of your screen, click on the 'view more' link. You may select the range of dates you wish to view, and then, click the 'View in Excel' link beneath the 'History' heading.

When you add a payee, Bill Pay immediately begins the process of authenticating your payee information from your profile to the merchant database. This ensures that the payment will be accurately remitted to the merchant. Once your payee has been authorized, you may make a Rush Payment to that merchant.

No. Rush Payments are only valid if the transaction is debited and remitted on the same day.

Virtually any of your payees are eligible for Rush Payments, except for government service charges (ex. property taxes, traffic tickets, child support, etc.). Some merchants have daily cutoff times for posting transactions and payments. Merchant cutoff times range throughout the day, however, payments scheduled on Bill Pay must be scheduled prior to our daily cutoff time, 3 p.m.

You will only know your payees cutoff time by contacting them directly.

The transaction will be split to reflect the service fee and the actual payment amount, so that you know exactly how much was sent to your merchant.

No. Users who wish to conduct Rush Payments generally are looking for a real-time, immediate payment solution. As a result, once you have scheduled the payment, the debit occurs instantly and the payment is immediately remitted to the merchant.

To view your pending Bill Pay checks, login to Online Banking and select the 'Other Options' tab from the menu. Then select the 'Continue' link next to Pending Bill Pay Checks. For more information on pending Bill Pay checks, please refer to our Online Banking FAQ.

Yes. You may view payees and payment history, schedule a one-time or a recurring payment, add payees, and make modifications within the Mobile Banking App.