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Direct Deposit FAQ

You have questions? We've got answers!

Direct Deposit FAQ

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It's a safe, convenient and FREE way to have your paycheck deposited directly into your account each payday. No more waiting in line. Your paycheck will be available to you the morning of your payday. You may choose from two different methods:

  • Full Direct Deposit. Have your full paycheck deposited each payday.
  • Partial Direct Deposit. Have a specific dollar amount deposited each payday. Also, keep in mind that if your payroll is ever less than the amount you have specified for direct deposit, nothing will be sent to the Credit Union.

Direct deposit is available to current employees of or retired from:

  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS).
  • Miami Dade College (MDC - Full Time Employees).

*As a part-time Miami Dade College (MDC) employee, you may still have direct deposit.

To sign up for direct deposit, visit any branch today. If you have additional questions, please call our Member Contact Center.

Talk to your employer. You may be able to have your payroll deposited through ACH.

You will need to provide your employer with the following information:

  • Credit Union Name and Address:

    7800 SW 117 Ave. Miami, FL 33183

  • Credit Union ABA number (Routing and Transit Number) which is 267077821.
  • Your Account Number in the following formats:
    • Savings = use your 7 digit account number
    • Checking = use your 14 digit account number as it appears on the bottom of your personal checks.

You decide how to distribute your money. You can designate the amount you wish to have deposited to each account type (checking, savings, vacation, etc.).

You can verify your deposit from anywhere and at any time by using:

Please call our Member Contact Center immediately if you are:

  • Changing your work schedule (e.g., if you changed from a 10-month employee to a 12-month employee).
  • Going on or returning from a leave of absence.
  • Resigned or Retired.

Your retirement and/or social security income can be directly deposited into your account. It can also be distributed to various share accounts, contact the Credit Union for further details.

Direct deposit is the best way for you to get your Social Security and other federal benefit payments. To enroll in direct deposit of your Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or other federal benefits, you must have a Checking or Savings Account. Visit to find out how you can enroll.

State of Florida Retirees may also visit the Florida Department of Financial Services' site for retired payroll forms and more information.

Find answers to the questions you may be having about your payroll on M-DCPS' site for the payroll department.