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Welcome to EdFed, formerly SFEFCU!

EdFed has Amazing Surprises in Store for You!

A New Chapter in Our History

Announcement released on November 12, 2020

Exciting News from our President/CEO

The Credit Union was founded in 1935 during the Great Depression by a few employees of the public school system in what was then known as Dade County. Over the past 85 years, our community has grown substantially. Today, South Florida is a rich tapestry of cultures, experiences, and opportunities that contribute to the proud legacy of our Credit Union. As our community and the financial needs of our members have evolved, so too must our organization. I am pleased to announce that we will soon be embarking on a new chapter in our history, and with it, a change to our name.

On April 1, 2021, SFEFCU will become EdFed — The Educational Federal Credit Union.

Our new EdFed name and logo reflects the vibrant cultural mosaic of our membership, while conveying our deep and enduring commitment to serving the unique financial needs of our members. As a member-owned financial institution, serving the employees and students of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Miami Dade College and the entire educational community remains the cornerstone of our business.

This exciting change represents the culmination of a multi-year effort to strengthen our commitment to serve our nearly 90,000 members. Our transition to EdFed also heralds a number of significant and purposeful service improvements that you will see in 2021. We will be sharing more information in the months ahead about the many exciting changes you can look forward to with EdFed.

Thank you for being a loyal member.


Michael DiBenedetto
President & CEO

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Dream brighter. Live bolder.

South Florida by Design - Inspired by You

The design of our new EdFed logo was inspired by the diverse cultural mosaic and vibrant colors that are embodied within the people, landscapes, and experiences of our South Florida home. Take a moment to learn about our new brand colors and the inspiration we found in South Florida's natural landscape and the wildlife that surrounds us.

The EdFed logo displaying the new color palette of: orange grove, caribbean blue, marlin blue, keylime green and pink flamingo.
A beautiful view of carribean blue water.
A collage of a blue marlin and pink flamingo.
Orange groves and keylimes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the Credit Union name changing to EdFed — The Educational Federal Credit Union?

This change is the culmination of a multi-year effort to increase our support to our members throughout the educational community. EdFed is not simply a new name, but marks the start of many exciting new enhancements our members can look forward to in the months and years ahead.

When will the Credit Union's name be officially changed?

The Credit Union will officially become EdFed on April 1, 2021. Up until that date, we will be hard at work updating our branches and preparing to launch our bright new image to the community.

Will your website be changing?

Yes, our website is being updated and the new domain will be Visitors to our current domain will be automatically redirected to the new site, but we encourage bookmarking our new homepage once active.

Will your social media handles also change?

The Credit Union will have a brand new social media handle, @EdFedCU, that will be used across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We will be managing both @EdFedCU and @SFEFCU concurrently until April 1, 2021. We encourage you to begin following @EdFedCU now to make sure you see all the exciting updates we have to share about EdFed.

Will the Credit Union's telephone numbers be changing?

All existing Credit Union telephone numbers, including all Contact Centers, will remain unchanged with EdFed.

Will my direct deposit be impacted?

Not at all. The Credit Union's routing & transit information and account numbers will remain the same, allowing for a seamless transition to EdFed.

Do I need to replace my SFEFCU checks?

There is no need to replace your SFEFCU checks. Since your account number and routing & transit information will remain unchanged, you can continue to use your current supply of checks until they are depleted.

Will I be receiving a new EdFed ATM/Debit/Credit Card?

Yes, all members will be automatically issued new cards later in 2021. Your existing SFEFCU cards will continue to remain active until new EdFed-branded cards have been issued by the Credit Union.

Will my electronic/ACH payments from my account be impacted?

No. Because your account information will remain the same, there is no need for you to update electronic payments for your utilities or other merchants paid via direct debit or Online Bill Pay.

Why is SFEFCU rebranding?

SFEFCU is rebranding as EdFed to more concisely emphasize our focus on serving the educational community. We wanted our new EdFed logo to be just as vibrant as our South Florida community.

Is SFEFCU becoming a bank?

No, SFEFCU is not becoming a bank. We are more dedicated than ever to serving the educational community and have no desire to adopt a bank charter or become a community-charter credit union.

Is SFEFCU merging with another Credit Union?

No. There are no plans to merge with another Credit Union or any other financial institution.

Are fees increasing?

The Credit Union reviews member fees periodically and there are no planned fee changes as a result of the rebrand. As a not-for-profit cooperative, the Credit Union remains committed to keeping our member fees as low as possible.

Will EdFed be expanding the number of available locations for members?

Our Credit Union is continuously evaluating ways to improve ATM access, branch access, and increase functionality via our online channels. A number of such enhancements are on the horizon later in 2021 and beyond.

Will EdFed support Zelle and other peer-to-peer money transferring solutions?

We are currently evaluating different online payment/money transferring solutions for the upcoming rebrand. Presently, we do not offer Zelle as an integrated solution within our online or mobile services, but members can independently download Zelle (or other third-party apps) to transfer money.

A Bright New Future Ahead at EdFed

Throughout 2021, you will experience exciting new service enhancements, including:

  • A completely redesigned website —
  • Member live-chat & callback capabilities
  • New online & mobile banking solutions
  • Expanded financial education resources
  • New member programs and services

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